I had originally planned to enroll in Navy ROTC when I entered Duke, but my major (Physics) advisor AND the ROTC Commander both suggested that I finish my undergraduate degree and then apply to OCS. So I was not unwilling to serve when the lottery was held, but I just did not want to interrupt my college. I was fortunate enough in getting a high number, so school would not be interrupted.

Shortly after that I started planning to get married after graduation, which voided my willingness to be drafted. Now, I needed a plan to avoid being drafted. Unfortunately, in the Spring of that year I flunked out of Duke and lost my II-S status. I got enrolled in another school for the Fall semester, but rather than re-applying for II-S, I decided to take a chance on my number 230 and endured a full year of eligibility as a I-A. The following Spring I was back at Duke (I got my butt in gear!) and soon qualified for I-H status, which meant they had to call all 365 I-A’s, and then 1-229 I-H’s before they got to me.

By the way, I did marry that girl and still am married after 38 years.