In March, 1969, my draft board in Buffalo, NY sent me a form requesting my graduation date from Duke. I wrote back that it was June 2nd. I spent April and May exploring alternative services. My eyesight kept me out of the Air Force, and my GPA of way below 3.4 prevented me from applying for the Navy Supply Corps officer program

When I got home from Duke on June 3rd there was already a letter there from the draft board reclassifying me as I-A. During the summer, I checked out enlisted programs, and finally decided to take my chances with the U.S. Army.

I was inducted the first week of September, and finished basic training at Ft. Dix in early November. Apparently because I had majored in business and did well on the Army intelligence test, my MOS was 73D20–Finance & Accounting. I was assigned to the Ft. Dix Post Finance Office immediately following basic training, and served there at the time of the lottery drawing, when I received a high number. I served with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam starting in June 1970.

Both at Ft Dix and in Vietnam I met several other Duke grads, as well as those from many other universities and colleges. Several years later I used my VA benefits to go back to school for my MBA. I only wish I’d come home to a better reception in 1971. For several years I’ve been active in the 1st Cavalry Division Association, supporting deployed troopers, homeless veteran initiatives, and other causes for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in arms.