I was a student at the University of Kentucky when the draft occurred. My best friend, Dick Hitt, got the lottery number 2. He went right out and enlisted in the Air Force. He spent 6 months at Lackland Airforce base in Texas, and 3 and one-half years in Hawaii. No one was luckier than Dick!!! He did tell me that every month in Hawaii they would tell him he was going to Nam but he never did.

I was a student at the University of Kentucky. I was married and had twin girls. When the draft occurred, I lost my exemption and was 1-A. My number was 289 and I was getting close to that draft number when the war ended.

I began college in the fall of 1966 and we were told that the courses were harder than normal because they wanted to "weed-out" the guys who were there only for the student exemption. After the lottery, my grades went up and things were normal again on campus.

There was one exception. My sophmore year, I had a calculus professor who walked with a limp. He had been wounded in vietnam and had no love for those who were avoiding the draft. That was one hard course to get through.