I grew up in Maysville KY, son of a family practice physician, who graduated from UK in 1942 and went to UL Medical School through the US Army in a three year program with only 2 weeks vacation each summer.  My Dad had told my brother and me that we would serve (it was not an option) in the Armed Forces as our family had done for four generations prior to him, dating back to the American Revolution. We never questioned our father about our obligation to our country.  My great grandfather, who was a poor Mountain boy, became a Confederate soldier who, for the purpose of accuracy, had no connection with slave owners and was fighting for independence just like his grandfather had against the British.  This is important for the casual reader to to understand real Kentucky history.

My older brother, who was in ROTC, told me about ROTC scholarships when I began my senior year in high school; therefore, I applied since I was a good student and had already planned to take ROTC.  I was fortunate enough to receive one of 450 nationwide 4 year deals, and I gladly accepted.  I signed my contract as a 17 year old, and I had to graduate in 4 years, and earn a commission, or become an enlisted man for 6 byears.  It helped to keep me focused. 

I vividly recall sitting at the Kappa Sigma house in December 1969, drinking with my frathernity brothers as we listened (watched?) the draft lottery that night.  My birthday, December 16th, was drawn with number 96 and it reiterated the fact that I controlled my own destiny.  My brother went to law school and finished in 1970 when he also entered active duty.  I graduated in 1970, went on active duty in August 1970, served 20.5 years during which I was sent to Syracuse University for an MBA, and I retired as a LTC in late 1990 just before my 42nd birthday.  I have continued to work and still do today.   I have had a wonderful life which was enriched by my military service.  I am a proud Kentuckian who has not lived there since I went on acitve duty in August of 1970.  I visit often and love the Wildcats football and basketball.