My student deferment ran out in 1970, when I was immediatly classified I-A and received  instructions to report for an induction physical.  I went immediatly to the Army enlistment office and signed on for a program called Warrant Officer Flight.  I figured at least the Army could teach me to fly if I had to go in. Not being a trusting soul, I opened the sealed orders that were given to me with strict instructions not to open them under any circumstances.  Surprise!  The Army lied.  It seems the program was full so they assigned me to the infantry.  I tossed the orders in a trash can in the bus station in Louisville, purchased a ticket back to Lexington and went to war with the Army for the next two years.

I may still hold the world’s record for the most induction physicals attended: 17.  Each time I offered a reason that they should pass me by and each time they told me to get more information and come back.  I finally ran out of stories and decided to opt for prison instead of the Army.  I told them so at the induction center and they decided that with a poor attitude like that, the Army really didn’t want me.  They issued a I-Y deferment, told me I’d be behind Tricia Nixon if I ever did get called up, and gave me a ticket back to Lexington.