I lived in a house on Transylvania Avenue with 5 other guys.  On the night of the drawing I went over to the School of Journalism to see the lottery results with a friend.  My number came up 15 and I knew that serving my country was ahead for me. A few beers were consumed on the roof of the porch that night.

As far as the other five guys in the house, one had an auto accident shortly afterwards and damaged an eye, which disqualified him from service.  Another was in Army ROTC and went on to become a full bird colonel.  Two others were in the Army reserve already and I do not know what happened to either one.  The fifth one got married (girl friend pregnant) and got a deferment. 

As for me, my draft board allowed me to finish my degree, but not a day more.   I enlisted in the Air Force, became an instructor and served my entire enlistment state side.