I received my undergraduate degree from Ohio State in December, 1967. When I called my draft board in Butler County, Ohio, they advised me that I was number one on its list, as my college deferment had ended. I decided to enlist and did so in January/February 1968. After being sworn in and while I was still on the Army’s 120 day delay program, a college football back injury became much worse necessitating disc surgery. I was then medically discharged from the Army.

I then gained admission to UK Law School beginning the fall of 1968. In 1969, I remember watching the draft lottery and it didn’t take long for my birth date to be picked–mine was the third one pulled. 

Shortly thereafter, I received a Draft Notice and had to catch a "draft bus" at 4:30 am in Lexington with many other males, to go to Louisville for a draft physical. I thought to myself that the Army was going to take me right out of law school. After spending more than 14 hours in Louisville and being thoroughly medically evaluated, the bus returned us to Lexington.

Sometime later (within a couple weeks), after being in mental limbo while continuing my pursuit of a Juris Doctor, I received written notification that I had been rejected for military duty. I graduated from law school May 8, 1971.