WTF! 50?!  Just as well, I was just whoring around much of my freshman year in college.  End up a daddy if something didn’t happen.  Scared?  You bet.  I watched the news.  Saw the body counts.  So, I went in the Air Force on the delayed enlistment plan.   Partied for three months straight and then basic training.  Being a product of the Summer of Love, it was bad for me.  26th day I punched a TI, went to personal development unit (jail) and then put back in a first day flight.  Yep, took basic twice. 

The rest was fine.  Telephone lineman.  Thirteen months in Korea.  Wright Patterson the rest of my tour and then out.  Right in the middle of a recession.  Six months out of service and I plowed my Harley Sportster right into the front end of a fast moving Ford truck.  A month in intensive care and two more in the hospital.  Two years to recover.

Could not go back to my old job so used the GI BIll to get my BS Degree.  University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!).  Landed a Fed job and never looked back.  Retired now. 

All and all the draft worked well for me.  Free college and veteran’s preference to land a Fed job.  Great job, great retirement benefits.  And all because of No. 50.  Ain’t life funny?