When I was eighteen, during my first semester at UK, I registered for the draft like everyone else. Within six months, I petitioned the draft board to have my draft status changed to I-O, conscientious objector, based on my religious beliefs generally and particularly on my opposition to the insidious class warfare perpetrated by the then-current US government. I was first granted a I-A-O conscientious objector status, meaning that I would still be required to serve in the military if drafted, in a "non-combat" role. I appealed this classification, seeking I-O status for alternate, non-military service only. 

After a lot of hassling and bureaucracy, I eventually received my I-0 and was prepared to carry out alternate service. I did not apply for a student deferment because I believed that being white, middle class and a university student should not exempt me from service, military or otherwise.

When the draft lottery happened, I drew a high number which assured that I would not be called. That ended my involvement with Selective Service. However, when I graduated early from UK, I volunteered for the University Year in Action program, which granted university credit as a graduate student for community service, which I did for nine months in my home community. This was my contribution on a volunteer basis to the government.