I had filed with the local draft board all the documentation needed (I thought) to be classified as a conscientious objector.  Although there was plenty of background information and references, they never ruled on it.   I did then get a notice to go for the draft physical in Philadelphia. 

As part of that process, they asked a series of questions regarding connections with some supposedly subversive organizations they believed to be security risks.   Although I was a member of none on the list, I did have some innocent interactions with a couple of them that caused the Selective Service to have heartburn.  They had me come back the following day to ask me detailed questions.  They wrote it down verbatim and had me initial those responses, took finger prints, etc. 

After all that (CO submission and security concerns), I failed the physical anyway due to asthma.  I had made sure that they saw it at its worst by exposing myself to what set off an attack.   Not sure if they saw the asthma issue as a way to aviod dealing with the other two concerns.