My college grades were below the 2.00 GPA required to maintain a student deferment in 1966.  A friend of the family who sat on the local Draft Board told my mother that I was almost guaranteed to be drafted.  I figured that if I got into ROTC, it would allow me to finish college and then get a commission.  I also figured that since no US war (other than the Revolution) had lasted longer than 4 years, that Viet Nam would be over by the time I graduated. 

I completed ROTC and graduated in December 1969.  I was commissioned into the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant.  In September 1971, I found myself in Viet Nam anyway as an adviser to the South Vietnamese Airborne Division’s Medical Battalion.  While I was there, I earned Vietnamese Parachutist wings, the Combat Medic’s Badge, and a Bronze Star among other awards. 

I went on to complete 27 years of Active Duty and retired as a Colonel.  Going into ROTC and making a career of the Army was probably the smartest, or luckiest decision I have ever made.  It has been a most enjoyable and enlightening life full of travel and experiences.  I also served in the First Gulf War also known as Desert Storm.