I was a junior in college when my number was drawn. I was scheduled to graduate in May, 1970. I figured I would be drafted by November 1970, so I "volunteed" for the draft and went into the service in June 1970. I entered the Army as a college graduate, so I thought I’d be assigned to a desk job. Instead, I received a MOS of infantry and had orders for ‘Nam.

My wife was due with a baby in December, so they let me stay home until the baby was born. For whatever reason they changed my orders to FROG– Germany. I still thank God to this day.

Of course the government promised to take care of us but now, 40 years later, I cannot get any G.I. benefits because I had a good life and my pension makes me ineligible. I consider it a wasted two years of my life– all they trained me to do was kill people. Thank God I didn’t have to use that skill then or now. As always FTA!