I had number 37 drawn for me, but I had a student deferment as I was in college. I graduated from college December 1970. Got my notice for my physical the latter part of January–they said to bring my suitcase because when I passed the physical I was going straight to boot camp.

Made it through the physical and the last Dr. in line asked what I had wrong with me that would keep me out. Told him, "Nothing". He laughed and said, "Well, you’re the first SOB through here today with nothing wrong with him". He asked again and I told him my knee went out one time at school. He put me on the table and moved my knees, and both had a lot of sideways play. He referred to them as ‘football’ knees and said they wouldn’t hold up through bootcamp and Uncle Sam didn’t want to pay for my surgery. He signed the paper and sent me home. So a good bad number and bad good knees.