In late 1968, while in my second year at  the University of Georgia which included enrollment in Air Force ROTC, I became aware of the opportunity to join a new local National Guard unit. My choices were: to continue in ROTC, to stay in school and take my chances with the upcoming lottery, or join the Guard. My thoughts were that I did not want to spend four years in college and then possibly be subject to the draft, and so although the lottery was not yet in place, I chose to join several friends and college mates and was sworn into the Guard in January 1969.

When the lottery was instituted in late 1969 and my number was 211, I made the assessment at the time that I probably had made a good choice since that put me in the middle of the pack. 

As could only happen in that time, my assigned job was one that was critical for training troops for Vietnam, so I spent 2 1/2 years doing weekend and summer duty with the Guard before I began active duty training. I graduated from UGA in June 1970, and went to Ft. Ord, CA in July of that year. 

Despite the fact that I would not likely have been drafted, my decision to begin my service and being delayed for active duty worked to my favor. I spent 6 years in the Guard and while not especially fond of the Army life, I met some great friends and had some experiences of life which shaped me in ways that would not have happened otherwise. While I have felt the label of draft dodger a bit over the years, I am happy with the outcome. God is good all the time!