I was in my senior year at the University of Georgia. All of the officer candidate schools were full (except the Marine Corps). I took the test for the Marine Corps Officers Candidate School and was accepted almost immediately. Of course, the mortality rate for a Marine Corps 2nd Lt was not good. I declined this opportunity.

I was drafted Aug. 1970 before graduation. However, the local draft board allowed me to stay in school long enough to graduate in August. My induction date was Sept 21, 1970. I had decided that I would not volunteer for anything. But if I were ordered to do something I would comply.

My induction test scores must have been pretty good. I was recommended for training as a Green Beret. Because of my intentions of not volunteering for anything, I turned the Army down. Nevertheless, they assigned me to the 5th Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg NC. I served my time at the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance the duration of my service.

Ironically, I now serve as a Local Board Member of the Selective Service Administration.