Like most all other freshmen & sophmores at UGA, I was required to take those two years of ROTC. Most were Army, some of the others chose Air Force. My two years ended in the fall of 1968. I then had to sign on the dotted line to take advanced ROTC, which meant an additional $120.00 per month income to help pay my way through UGA (at a time when tuition was ONLY $275.00 per quarter). The only additional duty was doing drill on Thursdays as well as the normal Tuesday drill, and attending ROTC summer camp, which was a lot like boot camp for the regular Army.

The only reason I hesitated to sign was the fear of making a mistake–my  number in the upcoming lottery might be high enough to keep me out. All turned out well though, because my draft lottery number was 118, and the Armed Forces wound up drafting through No. 195, so I didn’t make a mistake atfter all! In fact they let me remain at UGA for an additional year to finish my degree and I wound up not having to serve any active duty time- just active reserves for 8 years of total obligation.