Yes I remember the draft lottery day. Just a few weeks before the lottery I had met with a Navy Recruiter. I took a small test and he said I did well. I agreed to return in a few weeks for a ride in a jet to be scheduled at an Air Force base here in Georgia. Before I could return they had the lottery.
I was sitting in the Bulldog room, a break area at school, watching the TV. When they posted the findings of the lottery I could not believe my eyes. My birthday is June 8th, 1948. I was late watching the report and came in around the time that number one hundred was drawn. I thought my number had already been posted. So I kept watching and to my surprise, it was the last number drawn that year. So I never returned to the Navy Recruiter. I did see him some weeks later and he asked me why I did not come back. I told him my lottery number and he said he understood.

That set my course on a different path. I decided to go into law enforcement. My father was Sheriff during World War Two and he didn’t have to go into the military. So I thought it might help me in the future. I went into law enforcement soon after college. Ended up retiring as Sheriff of the same county as my father.