I was a Junior at UGA and had recently completed ROTC Summer Camp at Fort Bragg, NC when the first lottery was held.  I met my future/current wife (of 42+ years) at UGA about the time of the draft, but it had no impact on me since I had already signed my contract with the US Army for the last two years of ROTC and 3 years of active duty.  I watched the draft along with my fraternity brothers and I recall I had the highest number in the group (321).  

I served more than seven years on active duty and another 21 years in the Army reserves retiring in January 1999.  As an Army Brat, I felt it was my duty to serve and believe that a minimum service commitment is something that every young person should do.  
My experiences in the Army provided the opportunities and education that I used in my civilian career.  I was fortunate to serve with several different groups in the US Military, including a 5 year assignment with Special Operations forces.  
I clearly understood the risks, but I also understood the need to serve in order to protect our country.  Those who serve have my greatest respect and best wishes.