I did not watch the lottery, but a friend called me up later and asked if my birthday wasn’t Sept 14 (1950). I said yes, and he gave me the good news! I of course thought it was a joke and tried to ignore it. As I was still in high school at 19-I started school a year late-at first I was left alone by the draft board.

In 1970, a second lottery is drawn and I’m out of school now, but I see Sept 14 at No. 300 something in the new drawing and I think "that’s me!", no sweat!  Next thing I see is my draft notice in the mail: "Greetings…" What? I called the Dallas draft board and explained this incredible blunder to them, and how were they going to fix it. The nice lady informed me that you always retained your original draft lottery number, even after a new lottery  was drawn–that was for those who were too young at the last drawing. It all became crystal clear in one chilling moment; and all the while, in the background of her phone I could hear derisive laughter (directed at ME no doubt), heaping insult upon injury. I did tell her it wasn’t funny to me! I can’t remember if the laughter got louder or quieter.Later, at the Dallas Induction Center, the mix of draftees and volunteers were going into different branches of the service after the swearing in. I should mention that I was told by the draft board that when "drafted" you would be going into the Army unless you chose another branch that you qualified for. You were merely being drafted into the armed forces, not necessarily the Army. Before the swearing in we were told up to that point we could leave; but after, we were officially government employees, U.S. property, and were under orders to do as told. Meanwhile, two Marine non-coms with clipboards silently waited off to the side. Immediately after swearing in, the two Marines anounced about 4 names to step forward from the whole group (about 50) and to procceed with them to become Marines. Two of them protested LOUDLY that they had signed up with other branches and weren’t going! On cue, the exit door opened revealing two more armed Marine guard escorts who politely insisted they comply. This was my first hint that we were not in Kansas anymore.