I happen to have kept my draft card. Dated 6-20-67, and signed by Mildred E Walters. My selective service number was 14 68 49 ***, and I was classified II-S. I came across it, for the first time in 40-some years, just last week.
Luckily for me, my date of birth lotteried to 343. They weren’t reaching that deep into the pool so I was in luck. I got engaged early in 1970 and was married in June of that year. I went to grad school that fall, at the University of Minnesota. By the standard of “saving private Ryan”, I hope I used well the civilian life that reprieve gave me. I have children and grandchildren, the same wife as in June 1970, various civilian accomplishments, and enough Red Cross T-shirts to fill a drawer.
My friend in college, Mike Lynch, didn’t have the same luck. (His father was Colonel James Lynch, and the colonel commanded a brigade in Vietnam, 7 battalions strong). Mike served his tour of duty stateside, but it was no bed of roses. His job was de-commissioning nerve gas at Dugway, Utah. They had to work in body suits and the heat was murderous. All because of the turn of the dice.