I was lottery number 193.  At the time of the drawing I was a senior at the University of Kansas and was going to graduate in May of 1970.  I felt sure I would be drafted as soon as I graduated.  I’m 6’4" tall and weighed about 250 and all my buddies made fun of how big a target I would be.  I was apprehensive as hell.  So, I thought I would be proactive and tried to join the National Guard in Kansas City in December of 1969. 

Some background…..I was always a jock.  In high school I played football, basketball and threw the shot put.  Did some track and basketball at the Kansas City Junior College.  At 14 I had rheumatic fever with no lingering heart effects.  At 16 I tried to get a job digging ditches for the gas company in Kansas City.  They X-rayed my back and told me there was a problem and would not hire me.  As I progressed through the physical with the National Guard they ended up not accepting me because of the chance of heart murmurs and back problems. 

The day they stamped "Not acceptable for induction or enlistment" on the form was literally the best day of my life up until that time.  Talk about a weight off my shoulders.