I didn’t know it at the time, but having a low lottery number would enable me to meet and marry the most wonderful woman ever.

I was a senior at the University of Kansas majoring in electrical engineering when my number of 39 was drawn.  I thought, oh xxxx!  I went on to graduate in June 1970.  During my senior year, much to my chagrin, most employment deferments were eliminated.  That meant that I either needed to join a service or be drafted.  

I opted to join the Naval Reserve while accepting employment with Humble Oil & Refining Co (Exxon’s former name) in Los Angeles.  After a short time, I concluded that 6 years of weekly drills in the Reserves wasn’t for me.  I then applied to Officer Candidate School.  The application and waiting process took a long time, but I eventually entered OCS in Newport, RI in August 1971.  

After graduation and further training with the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, I was stationed in San Diego.  Life was good.  While in San Diego I met some great friends, worked in an office environment and, best of all, met my future wife.  Though I seriously thought about a career in the Navy, I left the service in November 1974 and married Debbie in December.  We’ve been married 40 years now.  We’ve had a wonderful life together, have two children, three grandchildren and more grandchildren are on the way.  
I feel truly blessed and remain thankful for that number 39.