I was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon at KU when the initial draft lottery was held. Like a number of houses, we had a $5 pool amongst the members with the lowest draft number winning the pool. The chapter room was packed with guys as the draft pull began. Everyone was nervous, particularly if you were in trouble academically. In our group the lowest number was #2. That guy took his pot of money and went off and enlisted the next day in the reserves, I don’t remember which branch. It certainly was an "agony and ecstasy" type of experience. 

In my case the Board was out of Ferguson, MO of all places. That first year after the initial lottery my Board went into the low 200s. I clearly recall visiting the Board in November of 1971 when I was home for Thanksgiving to find that they had just reached 100. I immediately filed to give up my student deferment and become I-A, which meant I was safe from the draft at the end of that year when my number wasn’t reached.