Here is my story about the draft.  My classification was changed from II-S to I-A
during that time.  I was notified to put my affairs in order, such as tell my
landlord that I had been called up and that I would no longer need my
apartment.  I did so.  I also packed my belongings and went back to Iowa. 

I was later called for a physical in Kansas City.  After that we were
told to go back home and wait for further instructions.  I never heard from the
draft again and as you might guess, I didn’t write and inquire as to why I
hadn’t heard from them.  Most of the people who I took my physical with were
drafted and several came home in body bags.

I entered Graduate School at
the University of Kansas, earned a Masters Degree and then went on to a career
that resulted because of my degree. 

As the old saying goes…. "I lived
happily ever after…".