Graduated from KU in June, 1969. Went home to St. Louis area and went to work. Got a notice (don’t remember when in 1969) to report to the St. Louis (Missouri) Army Depot for a "pre-induction physical". Got on a bus near where I lived and got a ride to the Army Depot.   Not altogether clear about the series of events at the AD.  I think I remember taking some type of paper and pencil test. Next I was sent to a series of medical specialists who examined my heart (BP etc.), my lungs, probably just listened, my skin, and finally my bones and muscles. 
I had injured my right knee playing football in high school (1964).  Had surgery (1964) to repair cartilage and ligament.  Re-injured same knee in 1965 playing basketball in high school.  Went to KU in 1965. 
Back to 1969 physical.  Orthopedic specialist said: "The army doesn’t want to have to pay for more surgeries for you".  I failed the physical.  Got another notice to have a second "pre-induction physical" and failed again. So went my lottery experience.