I graduated from KU in June of 1969. Local Board 47 in Independence, Kansas had me reclassified to I-A and drafted even before KU mailed my diploma to me. I was standing in a basic training chow line when I found out my lottery number was 323–talk about bad timing. Other than taking a $900 per month pay cut, the Army was not too bad. I spent two years as a computer programmer, maintaining the 6th Army and then USARV (US Army Vietnam) personnel and organizational records on a mainframe computer. The 6th Army was not bad; my wife and I had a great year at the Presidio of San Francisco. USARV, however, was at Long Bihn, Vietnam. The good news was that the only time I got shot at was on an In-Country R&R trip to China Beach at Da Nang. The trip was the result of being promoted to E-5 and being "Soldier of the Month" for our unit.