I was a senior living in a scholarship hall at KU when the lottery numbers were drawn.  I had already been accepted into medical school, so I was deferred.  After my residency, the military had no interest in me anymore.
My two senior roommates had different outcomes.  One (an electrical engineering major) drew number 1, but he had had polio as a youth, which resulted in him having one leg quite a bit smaller than the other, along with limited hearing, so he was 4-F.  The other (a triple major, including math) drew number 366, but enlisted in the navy anyway, since everyone from his district in Wichita was being drafted.  Both of them now live in Denver.  

I grew up in a small town in north central Kansas, with 50 members of my high school class.  One of my classmates died during a third Viet Nam tour as a Marine.  I greatly respect his sacrifice and courage.