In November of
1965 while attending Washburn University (as a junior) I was kicked out for
violating their rules regarding the use of alcohol.  Within four days of that
event I was notified by my local draft board in Wilson County, Kansas to report
for a pre-induction physical in Kansas City in early December.  I went for the
physical and due to an unstable knee I was given a I-Y deferment. 
I transferred to Pittsburg State University where I graduated in January of
1968. I immediately enrolled in KU’s outstanding graduate school of business.
 Bottom line is, after getting I-Y deferment status I never heard of those folks
again.  I have often thought about how my life might have unfolded if not for my I-Y classification.
[Ed. note: The I-Y classification was generally temporary, such that a man could be called for a follow-up physical after six months to a year.]