I received a pre-induction letter from the local SSS. It was 1973 and I was very aware about the casualties of the Vietnam war. I along with about 30 other 19-yr- old males had to gather at the armory in Kalamazoo, MI. We sat there waiting until 2 cars rolled up, and a woman got out of each car. I remember how humiliating it felt. I knew they didn’t give a shit about the draftees. They were arrogant and bitchy. They called names off and and seemed to really enjoy ordering us to “get on the the bus” that had pulled up. I felt like a piece of meat. I went to Detroit for a draft physical, and was rated as 1-A. When I got back, I went to a bar and drank 3 double scotch and sodas that had no effect. Then I got a 12-pack of beer and drove into the country. Nixon stopped the draft 2 days later. I was spared from being killed or going insane, like many Vietnam vets. I was working in a paper mill at the time. There were 10 Vietnam vets there. I heard their amazing stories about the insanity of Vietnam. 5 of them later died of Agent Orange exposure, 2 of whom were close friends. They were in their mid-fifties. I hate and despise the Selective Service System. ABOLISH IT .