Attended University of Toledo. Graduated with an Associate Degree in 1970. Moved to Michigan 1971 with the company I worked. In August of 1971 my father had a letter from SS and I told him to open it. I had to report to GreyHound Bus Station in Toledo at 6 am on whatever date it was in late September. Three bus loads of us, sent to the Cleveland federal building. We’re divided up, put into classroom style setting and took some written test. Proceeded to room where we disrobed and took eye test, heart rate, etc. Got dressed, then told those of us who are currently taking medicine or have X-rays along with Dr. report, to stand at one of several doors. When told to enter you did and handed all you medical things to the doctor. I remember he asked me how long I had been on this antibiotic as this was strong. Over three years off and on. He looked over my medical report and stamped my paper. I left his room and handed my paper that was stamped to a two-striper (CPL) and told more to enter another room where approx. 15 others were already waiting. From there we could look across hall and seen guys being sworn in to be drafted. From this point I do not remember leaving, getting on the bus, the ride back or going back to Michigan to work. In December I received a new card for Medical Deferment, and later got a letter to report back in 6 months to SS for revaluation of medical issue. I kept both cards and then was transferred to Pa. in 1972. I did a change of address and was later called to Pittsburgh federal building for revaluation. Went down there and was told no further information was needed and I could leave. Never heard from anyone again. I carried my cards till 1985 and decided to destroy them after all I could not even read them.